The Beech Plantation on the north face of the Pentland Hills to the south of Edinburgh

Tiplaw Press was founded after encouragement from the Glasgow poet, Donny O’Rourke with support from the Tom Wright Trust. The emblem is the  T-shaped Beech Plantation* on the north slope of the Pentland Hills.

Associates include:-

Tony Lawrence

Rebecca Tipper (nee Lawrence)

Josephine Tipper

Elinor Tipper

Clara Tipper

Loretta Whitcomb

Philip Hutton

Table Scotch owes its development to the work and patience of James Sinclair (sadly deceased before its completion) then concluded by Jim Davidson and with invaluable encouragement from Richard Tipper and many associates of the Tipper family.

Writers know that they may not be the best judges of their own work, but will still have favourite pieces, though typically these are in constant flux.

No_never poems, largely taken from Tiplaw Press collections, may give some indication of the Author’s preferences for the component items*. As presented above, the Tiplaw Press collections are in chronological order, but for advertising on the strength of imagined merit the preferred order is:-

The Silk Road

The Healing of the Sick

All the Fun of the Fair

Landing on Eros

The Fullness of Time

A False Dawn

The Wisdom of Solomon

being collections written to a theme and a sequence where order is a essential to the story.

*Can a piece of writing be called a poem because of the way it is laid out, or should this appendage wait until poetic merit is recognised?