When she started to teach him that in the EU some words were boys and some were girls, but were often different in different languages,  Lenny thought it was all very interesting.  But when he found that in German some words are not even boys or girls, but something else, Lenny had an identity crisis. The true nature of Sam’s job becomes apparent.

The Lenny Stories

Lenny was lost. Lenny was an earthworm (fr. ver de terre). His father had disappeared under mysterious circumstances, so Lenny lived with his Mum near his Grandad under a stone by the Rosebush beside the Pond in the Garden. Grandad’s friend Sam used to visit most evenings and they would go out together, but Lenny was never allowed to go with them.

The first time Lenny was allowed out on his own he lost his way back. It was then that he met Mrs Spinnworthy and caught his first sight of her husband.

Lenny learns his Scales. Some time later Lenny wanted to find out about music and had the misfortune to fall in with Mr Spinnworthy, who claimed to play the harp and teach music. Lenny soon discovered that in music, many things were not as clear as they ought to be and that a lot of promising musicians were mysteriously vanishing. By the time Spinnworthy was unmasked, Lenny had decided that his true talents lay elsewhere.

Although Grandad tried to teach Lenny all the things he needed to know, it was usually Sam who came up with the best ideas.

She was a teacher, but much too strict and Lenny could not understand a word she said. In the end it was Sam who showed him how to find the way for himself.

Lenny and the EU. Sam had never explained what kind of work he did, but dropped a hint that although he had not yet been there, he might be involved with the EU where lots of different languages were spoken. Lenny decided to find a language teacher and paid a visit to Mrs Spinnworthy. The first lessons went quite well, especially because Mrs S never checked whether or not he had done his homework.