The Seven Hills of Edinburgh

Edinburgh is fortunate in its hills and its walkways, but it is not hard to conclude that some of its prominent landmarks are sadly disfigured by communication masts, raising the question;

Does it have to be like this?

and the answer seems to be,

No, it does not.

Throughout Europe, including the UK, there are abundant castles, towers, monuments and folly’s and the more prominent the position, the more revered they are, nowhere more so than San Gimignano. It is a small step to imagine that our seven hills would be beautified by buildings. Carlton Hill is not diminished by buildings and Castle Rock needs its castle. Blackford Hill needs its Observatory, but it does not need its radio masts. The thought of magnificent stone towers gracing the summits of Blackford Hill and its partner, the Braid Hills, once entertained, will not go away.

But, people will say; It might be a good idea, but what about the cost, it could be very expensive, who will pay? Is there a rich benefactor lurking in the gorse? The answer to that is the same as the one that applied to the towers of San Gimignano, built on the wealth of the poor, funnelled into the wallets of the rich.

So how about asking the Mobile Phone companies to do it!